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15 Tips to Reduce Stress

The goal in these stress tips is to learn how to manage the stress in your life. Use the tips that you resonate with the most.

1. Deep Breathing

This is a simple yet very effective relaxation method. Regularly take deep breaths, breathing out tension and breathing in relaxation. It is a core component of all yoga, Zen meditation and spiritual practices. There are a number of very useful specific breathing techniques just to release stress from the body. Here are more breathing techniques.

2. Sleep

According to a National Consumers League survey, about 60 percent of people who are stressed say they don’t get enough sleep. For those of you who have difficulty falling asleep, it is very important to begin a soothing and calming bedtime routine. Take a nice, warm bath and find a light enjoyable novel to read prior to bedtime. Avoid watching action movies or the news before bedtime. Also avoid any stressful conversations prior to bedtime.

3. Warm Soothing Bath or Shower.

Use sandalwood incense and lavender oil in the bath or on your skin. Add a few candles and perhaps a good book or some classical music, and you’ll be well on your way to relaxation.

4. Reconnect with Your Spiritual Selflover holding hand walking on the beach

Reconnect with your Inner Guides, Higher Self or Inner Wisdom can help lower blood pressure. The very simple act of meditating or praying has helped many reduce stress. This may take practice to do regularly, but research has shown the benefits are tremendous.

5. Regular Exercise, Especially Walking

Exercise clears your mind and returns the body to a more healthy state. Even a 10-minute walk can decrease stress and anxiety. When you exercise, beta-endorphins (the body’s natural relaxants) are released. Endorphins counteract the stress hormones that are often raging through your body. Exercise gets your blood circulating, boosts your mood, and eases tension.

Exercise rids the body of excess energy it really can’t do anything about,” says Dr. Tara Cortes, clinical director of  primary care at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Studies also show that active people have a decreased risk of coronary heart disease, the number- one cause of death in the United States.

6. Yoga

Even one yoga class a week can cut levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This is reason enough to get you to a yoga class for your refreshing and rejuvenating workout. If all you need is simple relaxation, then find a yoga class to your liking that specializes in low-key hatha yoga or one of the restorative yoga classes. There are many types of yoga from which to choose.

7. Take a Vacation

If you don’t have the time or money to plan a fabulous excursion for a week, then a quick weekend getaway might suffice. Or plan a special event near your home, perhaps a stay vacation. All that’s necessary is that you spend an extended  period of time not thinking about those stressful things, such as work, money, relationships—anything that makes you feel crazy, overwhelmed and stressed.

8. Call a Friend

Often things seem better after you talk to a really good friend. Friendship is as beneficial for your health as it is for your spirit. Researchers have found that having good friends helps lower blood pressure, relieves anxiety, and may even help you live longer. Many experts list friendship as the key factor in getting through stressful times.

9. Share Household Chores

Because you may not always get that needed acknowledgement, or pat on the back, other tactics can help. One way to get more help is to divvy up the chores. Dividing chores gets the whole family involved in running the household, says Craft-Rosenberg, the family studies professor from Iowa.

The resilience of a family is related to how well they can work together,”

she says. Even small children benefit because contributing makes them feel needed. Additionally, when others share the workload, there’s less pressure to get everything done at once.

10. Lighten or Change Your Workload

If work is creating a great deal of your stress, it might be time to talk to your boss, delegate tasks, or start looking for a new job. Keep in mind If work is making you crazy, you’re not alone. Work is the top source of stress in adults aged 18-54,  according to the National Consumers League survey. Forty-six percent say it’s a problem. In the meantime find some ways to unwind after work. Sit quietly for 10 minutes before you start your evening. Play a favorite CD while fixing dinner. Or delegate your home chores so you can relax on weeknights instead of slaving over dinner. Or you can choose to occasionally pick up something special for dinner instead.

11. Forgive Someone

Studies found that those people who forgive others tended to have lower blood pressure than their less-forgiving peers. Perhaps it’s time to give up that grudge, if only to gain health benefits. It doesn’t mean you condone what others have done. Forgiveness is about releasing the negative and toxic energy built up in your by anger and resentment that is held inside of you.

12. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Drinking three or four cups of coffee every morning does more than wake you up. The caffeine raises your blood pressure and increases secretion of adrenaline, a stress hormone. In fact, the caffeine in your coffee cup imitates and even exaggerates the body’s response to stress. The effects of caffeine last for hours after drinking it.

taking time for yourself13. Take Twenty Minutes

Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer or an at-home mom, giving yourself time to unwind is vital for de-stressing your life. Taking 20 minutes for yourself won’t solve all of life’s problems, but it gives you a chance to feel calmer and find clarity.  Whether you need a nap, a bath, or a quiet place to look at the trees or to read a book, make sure the time is spent doing exactly what you want to do.

14. Make Love

Whether you prefer cuddling with your honey or the act itself, sex is a wonderful time-tested  stress reliever, and it’s well worth taking the time to do it. It also brings you a deeper connection and comfort with someone that really can shift your energy.

15. Join the Surviving Stress and Anxiety Online Group Healing Call

Living in these stressful times, it is important to have tools to release stress and anxiety in the moment. Part of the focus during this group healing will be for you to come away with tools you can use on your own.

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5 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your Holistic Business

Holistic businesses are becoming increasing popular because people want to work in a business they feel completely passionate about. Being holistic is more than just a business practice; it is a philosophy, a way of life. It is important to keep focus on the principles behind your holistic practice; otherwise, it can hurt the very business you established to help others.
These mistakes are avoidable and that’s exactly why we encourage each of you to join us on this journey of exploring two of the five biggest mistakes a holistic business can make, while giving you more perspective and tips for making your business a success.

5 biggest mistakes healers, therapists and spiritual practitioners make that actually repel your vibrationally matched clients

Shiny Business

Shiny Business

The 1st big mistake spiritual practitioners make is the lack of a system for their products, services or programs. Without a clear system of how your business works, clients often are left feeling confused and repelled about what your business can provide as a value to them. A clearly established system speaks to their rational mind. After your client feels at ease with you, what you offer and your fees, they feel safe to vibrationally connect with you as their trusted provider. You’ve engaged them mentally and emotionally.

  • Dara came to me a while ago really concerned because she did not have enough clients coming to her. She was frustrated because she tried so many things like workshops where she’d have no one sign up or only have 2 or 3 people! This seems to be frequent with many of my new clients. We went over her marketing materials such as flyers and emails. I pointed out to her one huge factor. She was writing only about her methods (like I used to do) and very little about what they will gain from working with her. Clients want to know one primary thing: “What will I gain from working with you or using your products?”

social-networking_1100030722-012814-intHere is the 2nd big mistake I find happens when clients first come to us. It is easy to dive in to assisting them in what ails them, their problems and issues for example, before you have taken the time to really sit down and get to know who they are. If you don’t take time to develop rapport and find out about them, then you lack the personal connection that is needed for someone to work with you or buy your products. It is important to be your authentic-self and share the knowledge that you have established through your life journey in a calm, understanding, and guiding way. They can connect with you emotionally by you sharing your journey with them.
We want to invite YOU to sign up with US for our special presentation Training Call. This event will include the last 3 mistakes that healers, therapists and spiritual practitioners make and teach you tips on how to successfully avoid making these mistakes, too. We look forward to having you there.

The Gift of Loving

When I was younger, I kept waiting for someone to love me the way I wanted to be loved. Needless to say, I was often pretty miserable and unhappy.

Most of my life’s journey has been about finding love; the right partner to love me, to have my children love me, to feel loved by my parents. Actually, I wanted everyone to love me. I was always grateful for my sister who has always loved me, even though I was a bratty kid at times.

After many years of psychotherapy, healing work and shamanic work, I’ve come to a very different place about love.

Love is the core of who we really are in the very center of our Being. It is our nature, our essence. Our journey in life for many is about being willing to love in spite of the pain, the wounds, the heartbreak, the violations, the betrayals we’ve experienced. Yes, I’ve experienced all of those, just like many of you.

It is a choice to let down our walls and our barriers of so-called protections that make us feel more alone and isolated. There really are safe ways and places to go on that journey to Love with teachers and facilitators who can hold that heart space for us.valentine-tree10-01-111413-2799.eps

Healing and transforming those wounds so we can experience that feeling of love is miraculous to me. My journey has shown me that if we want love, we choose to love no matter what happens. That doesn’t mean allowing people to treat us badly. It means we choose to be around more positive, caring, nurturing, reciprocating people who want to be with us.

It means we focus on love, that sweetness, tenderness, the feeling of a baby in our arms smelling of baby powder, or nuzzling a puppy, or the beauty of majestic trees as they touch the sky at sunset. I sometimes feel like I’m looking at a God painting when I experience the beauty in nature. Waterfalls tumbling down rocks, the coolness of the water during a hike and enjoying the laughter of children playing, my grandson playing – this is God and love to me.

When we allow ourselves to open so deeply to Spirit and the Celestial realm, we hear the angels playing music inside us, the rhythms and sound of tenderness touching our soul to continue that awakening; that joyous opening in our Being, for which I am so deeply grateful

I hear in my head, “She walks in beauty and Grace.” And I feel compassion and grace inside me. I’m sitting here writing this after a very frustrating day of numerous things going wrong. And yet, I decided to do a healing group and start with one about love, since it’s almost Valentine’s Day. This is what emerged.

So I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes feeling how grateful I am for where I’m at now; the people in my life, my sister and her family, my daughters, my grandson, my son-in-law, my shaman, my coach, my friends, my assistant and intern, my virtual assistant team, and so many more who affect me.

Thank you for teaching me about the gift of loving no matter what occurs externally. The trials and tribulations of life are just practice to experience the gift of loving unconditionally no matter the circumstances.

Will you go on that journey of love with me? It’s really delightful and JOYOUS!

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