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Year-End Summary Manifestation Process


A few years back Candice came to me really wanting to change her life, including her love life and career. She wanted to increase the passion and aliveness in her 12-year marriage. It was feeling kind of like an old shoe and she felt taken for granted. She also wanted to change her career as a bookkeeper and begin her healing and acupuncture practice. She just could not figure out what to do first in either of these areas.

Even though these may seem like opposite areas to go after, there are some basic foundational principles that work perfectly for both these areas, which I get into in my programs.

Since we were coming to the close of the year, I suggested Candice join my Winter Solstice Ritual and I took her through a very powerful energy process that I call the “Year-End Summary Manifestation Process”. This would allow her to take stock of what she really did in the previous year.

By looking at where she started, what she accomplished and what she wanted to transform, Candice was really ready for our Winter Solstice Ritual. We did some deeper work at the ritual. Then she felt she actually could manifest her desired vision.


By the end of the following year, Candice was so excited by all she achieved. “I’m so grateful for all I actually accomplished this year. I really didn’t believe I could make the changes. With your help, my marriage has changed. I’m feeling cherished like I never did before!


Plus, my practice is growing. I first went to part-time as you know and now I gave notice that I’m leaving my bookkeeping job to do my business full time! It feels like a miracle to me! Your support helped me so much!”   Candice M.

Here is the full process I have clients prepare for prior to the ritual.

Year-End Summary Manifestation Process

The New Year is right around the corner! Are you ready to predict what a fabulous NEXT year will be like for you?

One of the important things to do before planning for next year is taking stock of what you did accomplish THIS year.

Some of you might be thinking that this year just wasn’t your year. Then it’s time to focus on how to CREATE AN AMAZING 2016 for YOU!

It is not possible to know where you’re going if you haven’t figured out where you are right now. Your life is like a journey and each year is part of that voyage. To arrive at your destination, you need to know where you are starting on this part of your path.

Just to let you know for those who haven’t done ritual work before, a Ritual combines intention, with Spirit (or whatever word fits for you), the right healing tools, your willingness plus group energy. That is how you shift whatever is in the way of your desired success.



I created this “Year-End Summary Manifestation Process” for you to begin the process of focusing on what you want to create for this New Year.


Think about how you were feeling last December. Create 3 separate lists. You might choose to focus on these main areas of your life (or others you select) as you write your lists:

  • Family, Relationships and Friends
  • Financial
  • Career and Business Vision
  • Health, Energy and Wellness
  • Emotional and Mental Well Being
  • Recreation and Creativity
  • Spirituality

Make a list in each of the following sections. These are important. Take all or some of the above areas and write about them in each of the following sections.

  • Recognize Where You Were at the Beginning of This Year
  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments for This Year
  • Focus on the Changes You Desire to Make to Improve NEXT Year

To make this Year-End Process easier for you next year, I suggest two more things to do.

  • Create your Gratitude and Positive Evidence (GPE) Journal. On a daily basis, you can write about good things that happen to you. I suggest at least 3-5 or more. Some people find it works better for them to write in their journal in the evening. Others prefer to do this in the morning. Do what works best for you.
  • Create a “Celebrate Me” file. This is where you take some of those special comments people make about you and put it on colorful paper or make a collage out of it. For your “Celebrate Me” file, you can make it into a scrapbook, glowing comments from friends or a special card from a client who loved your work. Get creative with it!

What you focus on and appreciate increases. So take the time to honor yourself to ensure numerous positive events occurring for you increase in 2016!!

If you are truly interested in transforming your results for 2016, attend our Winter Solstice Ritual Celebration of Awakening the new energy in you and the planet. Envision to Giveaway the Old and Create the NEW.


In-Person Workshop

DATE:       Sunday, December 20, 2015
TIME:        3 – 7pm Pacific
COST:        $55 or two for $95 by 12/16. ($65 or 2 for $115 after)
CEUs:         4 – Certificate $15
LOCATION: You will receive this information in your purchase email.   
BONUS:     You may also attend the Virtual Workshop


Virtual Workshop

DATE:       Tuesday, December 22, 2015
TIME:        3 – 5pm Pacific / 6-8pm Eastern
COST:       $33 before 12/16, $43 after    
CEUs:         2 – Certificate $15

Let me know what ideas you find helpful. Also, I’d love to know more about what you want info on. Let me know.

To Your Brilliance and Blessings for the New Year,

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