Monthly Archives: May 2012

Feminine Power–The Art of Surrender

To many, feminine power–the art of surrender, may appear to be a paradox. I have learned that there is often truth in paradox. When one surrenders from a place of love, it is an act of great power. Even though men such as Jesus, Moses, and Gandhi, have surrendered to the will of God, the act of surrender in both men and women comes from the inner feminine aspect. What is the power of surrender? Why is it important? What is necessary to accomplish it ? How is the sexual arena especially important? Continue reading

The Quest of Balance and Wholeness

To be whole and balanced is to develop the integrity of every aspect of self. Within the context of the soul’s development, I believe it means being conscious of and integrating all parts or sub-personalities within us, i.e. the lover, caretaker, tyrant, teacher, mother, father, manipulator, critic, etc. Continue reading

Stress Success Quickies


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