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How to Clear Emotional Debris – Part II

Here is a summary of the first 5 points for clearing emotional debris that appeared in the last newsletter.

1. Center Yourself

2. Notice what emotions and reactions occur.

3. Decide on which emotional baggage issues you want to release or shift first.

4. Select the method or technique you wish to use to release these old reactions.

5. Decide on a time frame for working with each emotional issue.

Click here for the rest of Part I.

How to Clear Emotional Debris – Part II

6. Notice the underlying fears, concerns or issues that arise as you change each behavior. These are sort of like piggy-back issues connected to the main one that is triggering issue or emotion. You may need to address these aspects as they come up. Although it takes time, it is really important to go as deeply as possible in releasing your issues. The rewards are tremendous.

7. Make a list of positive messages, emotions and responses you would rather experience in your life. Include in your list what you could do to
feel more empowered. You might choose affirmations or choice statements. There are a couple of examples at the end of this article.

8. Evaluate your progress. You may choose to evaluate daily or weekly. You decide what works best for you. Changes occur internally first before any visible outward shifts are noticeable. Be aware of any subtle or tangible differences in your behavior.

9. Create a Gratitude List. Every time you do something positive towards a behavior change, write it on your gratitude list. Seeing what you have accomplished gives you a feeling of pride and makes it easier to continue working on these internal changes.

10. Reward yourself by a simple pat on the back. Or, find another way to reward yourself that feels good inside. When I’ve worked on and accomplished something that is personally challenging, I reward myself with a break and enjoy talking to a friend. How can you reward you in a meaningful way?

If you find it too difficult or uncomfortable in releasing these issues on your own, I suggest working with an experienced psychotherapist, healer or coach who has an expertise in this area.

Here are positive choice statements that might work for you. Try it – you might like it.

I choose to totally and fully take charge of my emotional reactions and behavior patterns.

I am enjoying feeling clearer, lighter and freer emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!

If you come up with any really good affirmations or choice statements, let me know. I love sharing these with all of you.

Now – Go out and smell the roses!


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