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Taking Action Steps to Believe in YOU


Have you ever thought about how much believing in yourself and feeling confident makes positive things happen in your life? A strong belief in yourself can bring you all these benefits and more:

  • Deep down inside, you know you can do anything because you do not stop until you achieve what you desire.
  • More people are attracted to you and seem to enjoy your presence when you are in that confident state.
  • You treat yourself kindly.
  • You feel uplifted and more satisfied with life.
  • You recognize your ability to accomplish goals.
  • Your motivation to get things done comes from your heart so it is in alignment with your values.
  • You have faith, no matter the ups and downs that occur.
  • You’re optimistic about the future because you set goals and achieve them.

You see and enjoy positive evidences that you’re not alone, Spirit is with you, and abundance easily flows to you.




Wouldn’t it be great to feel these aspects of confidence on a daily basis? The good news is YOU CAN! There are actions you can take to reinforce your belief in yourself.



You are worthy of self-love and self-confidence. Here are some tips to help develop a stronger sense of belief in you:

      1. Have confidence in your own abilities to get something done. Be your own best cheerleader and encourage yourself to get your tasks completed. Learn to break large tasks down into realistic achievable portions. Then, even when times are tough and your spirit is low, you’ll know you can do it. Remember: Action conquers fear.
      2. Keep Your Focus on Your Dream. Whether it’s obtaining the career you want, getting your business more on track, finding the right coach, taking a dream vacation, or setting even a small goal, will get you a step closer to bringing your vision into reality.
      3. Release any emotions in your way of being self-confident and believing in yourself. Notice if you have some lower level feelings or issues arise as you focus on taking steps to creating your dreams.
      • Sometimes what gets in a person’s way are the unexpressed, repressed or unconscious issues they may not know about. If you have feelings of sadness, hurt, anger, undeserving or not good enough rising up in you, then it is critical to do the work to release these unwanted emotions.
      • These emotions and unresolved past events are in your way of taking the inspired action steps to believing you will be successful in bringing your dreams into actuality. You Can Release these Emotions.
      1. Establish goals and go for the gold. Believing in yourself means you’re motivated to get things done. Get into the habit of setting goals (both short-term and long-term.) Then, take active steps to achieve them – Even if it a small step, it helps you on your path.
      2. Be good to yourself. Treating yourself with kindness and the understanding that you’re a deserving human being is an important aspect of developing belief in yourself.
      • Pamper yourself. You deserve it just for being you. Recognize it is important that you treat yourself with respect and love in order for other people to treat you that way.
      1. Find ways to keep motivation high. Remember the childhood story about the little engine that could? When you want to accomplish and take pride in achieving your goals, it’s an incredible testament to your level of motivation. The more you do, the more you will want to do.
      2. During the tough times, keep the faith. No one is immune from experiencing rocky times in their life. But know that you can meet those challenging phases with a positive, solid attitude and having tools for releasing unpleasant feelings and memories of events preventing your success. Keep forging ahead, moving through the trying moments and know you’ll come out on the other side smarter, stronger and surer of yourself.
      3. Practice gratitude. Regardless of what stage of life you’re living, search for the good all around you. Get the most you can from each moment.
      4. Gratitude carries a high vibrational frequency and will raise your energy to a higher level. Being in the place of a higher vibrational energy is what creates the power to accomplish your dreams.
      • Focus on what feels really good to you right now. Is the chair you’re sitting on comfortable?
      • Or are you safe and warm right in this moment?
      • Be grateful for everything in your life that feels good to you moment by moment.
      • Whatever you love in your life, be thankful it is there. Give thanks often.
      • Write down what you are grateful for daily in a Gratitude Journal.
      • Raise Your Energy Vibration! Bring Your Dreams Into Reality!

Believing in yourself is one of the most powerful choices you can make. Practice these tips and you’ll discover the sheer joy and comfort of knowing you can create your dreams and bring them into your life when you believe in yourself.

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Love and Blessings,

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