5 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your Holistic Business

Holistic businesses are becoming increasing popular because people want to work in a business they feel completely passionate about. Being holistic is more than just a business practice; it is a philosophy, a way of life. It is important to keep focus on the principles behind your holistic practice; otherwise, it can hurt the very business you established to help others.
These mistakes are avoidable and that’s exactly why we encourage each of you to join us on this journey of exploring two of the five biggest mistakes a holistic business can make, while giving you more perspective and tips for making your business a success.

5 biggest mistakes healers, therapists and spiritual practitioners make that actually repel your vibrationally matched clients

Shiny Business

Shiny Business

The 1st big mistake spiritual practitioners make is the lack of a system for their products, services or programs. Without a clear system of how your business works, clients often are left feeling confused and repelled about what your business can provide as a value to them. A clearly established system speaks to their rational mind. After your client feels at ease with you, what you offer and your fees, they feel safe to vibrationally connect with you as their trusted provider. You’ve engaged them mentally and emotionally.

  • Dara came to me a while ago really concerned because she did not have enough clients coming to her. She was frustrated because she tried so many things like workshops where she’d have no one sign up or only have 2 or 3 people! This seems to be frequent with many of my new clients. We went over her marketing materials such as flyers and emails. I pointed out to her one huge factor. She was writing only about her methods (like I used to do) and very little about what they will gain from working with her. Clients want to know one primary thing: “What will I gain from working with you or using your products?”

social-networking_1100030722-012814-intHere is the 2nd big mistake I find happens when clients first come to us. It is easy to dive in to assisting them in what ails them, their problems and issues for example, before you have taken the time to really sit down and get to know who they are. If you don’t take time to develop rapport and find out about them, then you lack the personal connection that is needed for someone to work with you or buy your products. It is important to be your authentic-self and share the knowledge that you have established through your life journey in a calm, understanding, and guiding way. They can connect with you emotionally by you sharing your journey with them.
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