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Dear Aspiring or Successful Business Owner,If you’re like many clients I talk to, you want to make a difference. You feel you have a calling to help people, by providing products, programs or services to improve their life in some way.

You’ve even thought about doing this as a business. But there’s a problem. You’re not sure what to do or when to do it.

Or maybe you already have a business – but for some reason, you’re not able to turn it into a success – so you wind up scrambling to pay your bills each month.

Whatever your situation, if you’re interested in starting or growing your Heart-Centered business, you’ll want to sign up for this FREE 3-Part Video Series immediately because it’s only available for a short time.

This FREE Series includes the following Videos:

  • Video #1: Why Now is The Best Time to start or grow a Heart-Centered business and what it takes to create a successful business that’s beyond logic!
  • Video #2: The surprising reasons why business people procrastinate and how it impacts your business and income.
  • Video #3: How to heal your Procrastination Syndrome and increase your Heart-Centered business success and income. A powerful step you can take right now to transform your business!

These videos will give you the tools you need to either start or EXPONENTIALLY GROW your Heart-Centered business, so you can continue helping and serving more people while enjoying the prosperity you deserve!

In these videos, you’ll discover answers to questions like:

  • What is the #1 reason small businesses fail and how YOU can succeed!
  • How to transform any sabotaging pattern affecting your business success
  • Recognize the role your energy plays in business
  • And much, much more!

If you have read this far… even if you don’t have a business… something in you has called you here and wants to be activated in you!

This is about YOU and how we can support you and answer YOUR questions about starting a Heart-Centered business in today’s economy….or taking your current business to the next level and thriving no matter what industry you are in.

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Love, Blessings and JOY!


Healine Harris Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT License #MF15327, PCE #1397

Intuitive Business Coach, Healer and Psychotherapist

Helaine, empowers Heart-Centered spiritualpreneurs to transform their life and business so it reflects their authentic self and their values. Now she focuses on assisting clients to magnetize love, abundance and the right clients or job to them. Helaine is an intuitive business coach, healer, psychotherapist and founder of An Awakening Center, which blends over 40 traditional and alternative modalities to assist clients in fulfilling their life’s dream. Her award-winning book Are You in Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game is about the energy dynamics in relationships and how to create more fulfilling relationships, both at work and at home. With her 33 years experience and mastery of energy, Helaine has helped thousands of clients awaken their potential and manifest it in their daily lives.

Just enter your name and email address so you can start watching my video training series immediately!


What Past Students Say About Helaine Harris…

“This experience was beneficial to in that i found out a lot about myself being visual and kinesthetic and how to work with that. It was helpful to find out that I can actually question my guides and ask them what to do that seems appropriate to me. Thank you, Helaine, for all your help and helpful suggestions.”
– Nancy Tinajero-Guerrero

“I have benefited greatly by the class. Guilt and shame examination was most helpful. Also the question, “How and who have I hurt?” Most penetrating question to get to the depths of personal problems.”
– Diana K.

“Excellent techniques that are useful and deeply healing for me personally and for my clients.”
– Sally Jordan Austin

“[Gain] more courage to continue and start working on a brighter future.”
– Sheila Jackson

“I am awestruck by your powerful insight, intuition and ability to uncover the core issues that prevent us from living up to our full potential for happiness and fulfillment. Within a matter of minutes, you detected and articulated what I haven’t been able to figure out…AND you provided me with solutions for healing the dissonance within me. I am deeply grateful for your profound healing and for allowing me to be “re-introduced” to the REAL ME again.”
– Evie Meyer, LMFT