If you are an aspiring or successful business owner, this
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“Develop Your Business Intuition”

From a Shamanic Healer/Business Intuitive Who Has
Transformed Financial Struggle Into Abundant Success


New 8-Week Program Begins, April 15th, 4:00PM PT, 7:00PM ET

18 CEUs


Find Out the Simple Steps to Connecting With Your Intuition, Earning What You Deserve and Feeling Confident Fulfilling Your Mission!

Let your Business Thrive and Claim the Abundant Life That Awaits You!



Helaine Harris will be sharing EXACTLY how she doubled her income after a financial disaster by opening to her intuition and higher guidance to create a thriving practice.

She’s transformed her life and helped thousands of others, and now she’s ready to help you do the same!

From the Desk of Helaine Harris
Dear Aspiring Successful Business Owner,


Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your business?
Do you feel ready to move to the next level, but don’t know how?

If you are an entrepreneur or practitioner who is ready to thrive in your work and career, then consider that the universe has brought you to this page for a reason.

Now more than ever, healers, wayshowers, and innovators are being called to share their gifts with the world on an unprecedented scale. There is an innate drive within us that calls us to blaze our own trails, to shine our light for the world to share, and to live abundantly and free of the structures and daily grind that have bound us for so long.

We know this is our mission, our calling, our path, but it is not always an easy path to walk, and sometimes we get stuck along the way.

Did you know that two out of three small business fail within the first five years? This is not for lack of effort or hard work. More often, it is because we have become disconnected from our intuition – our built-in internal guidance system that leads us where we need to go when we need to be there.


I learned this the hard way, and I know what it is to struggle.
But I turned it all around, and
I can show you how.

I learned this the hard way when, during a four-month period in 2009, my income dropped by 50% and I lost most of my retirement money through a poor real estate investment. If only I had listened to that voice inside that said, “This may not be so wise,” when I bought that property in Phoenix.

I would have avoided one of the most challenging financial struggles of my life. But – I didn’t listen to my intuition, and I paid the price. I promised myself I would not make that mistake again.

When I realized I had to do something or I’d go under, I did what I do best — I went inside and did my own deep work to find out where I was off center and out of alignment. I learned from a great coach who taught me new business skills that both excited me and forced me to move through my fears, and I took ACTION.


Connecting with my intuition and listening to
my inner guidance was the missing key.

intuitionLike most of you, I sometimes don’t change unless I’m forced into it. But by partnering with Spirit, staying heart-centered and “listening” to my intuition, my income soon doubled and now I’m on course to double it again.

Because I have known what it is to struggle in my career and business, I have gained the wisdom, expertise, and intuition to overcome these challenges and create a thriving practice.

Now I’m called to share the secrets I’ve learned about developing and using your intuition for making business decisions, listening to your hunches and “gut” feelings to know what to do and when, releasing limiting beliefs and old energy patterns, enlisting the support of your guides, and checking your intuition BEFORE you take major steps on anything. You already have the intuitive nudges, and I’ll share with you the tools to unlock the potential that is already inside you and available to all.


This is your time to unlock the power of your intuition to build a thriving business and step into
the abundant life that awaits you.

Yes, you do have intuition. But intuition can become shut off when you close down your feelings and energy to survive the challenging and painful situations you may have gone through.

Now it’s time to open up your energy body and allow your intuition to guide you to the incredible business opportunities you may be missing and synergistic connections with people, vibrationally matched clients or customers who desire your products and services, and to joyfully allow abundance to come to you because you know you deserve it.

“She skillfully weaves together just the right healing tools and business tools for rapid results.”“Helaine quickly tunes into the heart of the person and the heart of the matter. With sensitivity and wisdom, she skillfully weaves together just the right healing tools and business tools for rapid results. I feel seen, heard, and understood as obstacles release and I feel empowered. Helaine is a treasure who shines a bright, guiding light on any situation.”

~ Toni Crotty, MA, CAMT, CRTh


Introducing the Develop Your Business Intuition 8-Week Program

Our focus is to expand your vision and your intuitive abilities for you to receive answers with practical and tangible results for your business. This is what I will teach on our seven step journey.


Question-Mark Did you miss my powerful training call on Letting Your Intuition Guide You to Business Success? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW!

Tap into your own intuition to create a thriving business even when others are struggling

My greatest gift in helping you is that I’m an intuitive “wound detector.” I can quickly identify your core issues, and this will make your time with me very productive because we will break through numerous limiting beliefs about trusting your inner guidance that has been holding you back for years, or even decades.

My second greatest gift for you is my mastery of energy. I can feel where your energy is and what needs to be done to shift it for you to move to a better, more connected place, and to feel more alive, passionate, and successful about what you do.

The same principles and processes I have used on myself to recover from financial disaster and create a six-figure income is what I am teaching you.

Yes, Helaine! I’m Ready to Succeed and Prosper Now!


There’s just one more step you need to take to unlock the power of your business intuition.


Realize your destiny and transform your career

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you feel stuck in your business, stop just wishing for success to come to you. Your problems will not fix themselves.

Instead, make the commitment to open your heart and energy body to connect with the endless source of Divine Guidance and support that will guide you toward your destiny and fullest potential.

By taking this stand, you reclaim your power to create the career of your dreams and the abundance you desire.

If you’re willing to make this commitment to yourself, I’m ready to help you bring it to fruition. I can guide you step-by-step through the process of inner transformation that you can use over and over again to attract the prosperity and guidance on career and business decisions you desire by emanating love and openness to Spirit.

Yes, Helaine, I’m Ready to Transform!

This program will provide the tools and techniques you need to:


  • intuitionHeal heart wounds to open to love and Spirit more fully.
  • Increase your ability to open to Inner Guidance and intuition even in the midst of chaos
  • Bring your intuitive practices into an organized plan to follow to increase your business and prosperity
  • Manage your emotional energy on a daily basis so you can be more focused to deal with important projects and tasks
  • Learn how to interpret the messages from your body and develop your own communication system with your Inner Guidance and Intuition, your personalized GPS
  • Apply the intuitive energy tools for your business and career decisions

*Come away feeling expanded, lighter, freer and more JOYFUL, while creating increased abundance!

This comprehensive system includes a whole person mind-body-spirit energy approach to mastering your own communication system with Spirit.

We will raise your vibrational frequency and increase your energy output to easily magnetize the perfect customers, clients, support staff, business opportunities and abundance to you.

The experience of this program is intimate and inspiring, making the process of accessing your inner guidance easy and fun!

Course Outline

All course materials will be available on a private password-protected page in a Learning Center that will remain accessible to you indefinitely, even once you have finished the course. Please email me to set up your 8 weeks of E-Coaching if you have received that option.

STEP 1 – Energetic Foundation and Business Intuition Assessment

intuitionWe start with a assessment to clarify your vision for your business, identify whom you want to serve, your strengths, and where you want to grow. With a clear sense of what you have to offer, you will have direction and can more easily language what you do to attract your ideal clients.

We do a group activation for you to connect on an energy level with yourself, the group and Spirit. We lay the foundation for how energy affects your business, the need to work at an inner and an outer level, and the focus on raising your vibrational frequency. That is the groundwork for getting practical guidance from Spirit to increase your business.

STEP 2 – Using Intuitive Energy Guidance

This class is really exciting. We do a transformative activation to increase your ability to make a deeper connection with your guides.

This increases your ability to get in touch with your intuitive energy guidance on several levels.

  • You will experience going to your Healing Temple and how that affects you. Following this, you will have access to it on your own to practice your daily healing on you.
  • Introduce you to your Divine Business Council and your Intuition Guide(s), who are part of your team.
  • You begin to develop your own personal communication system through your preferred modality such as kinesthetic, auditory, visual, or knowing, and use this guidance to answer your business as well as personal questions daily.
  • Daily practices to raise your energy vibration so you feel more positive and grateful.

This inner guidance helps you to crystallize your own unique business identity, which is essential in knowing how what you have to offer is special in your profession. Then you more easily stand out to your vibrationally matched clients and call them to you.

You will develop a better understanding of your hidden “navigation system” that can unconsciously propel you to success (or failure).

Because of your developing intuition, you will make better business decisions and develop programs more in alignment with your vision and ideal clients. The result is that more people purchase your product, services, and offers because they feel aligned with you — and it is these aligned clients who will most benefit from your work. This saves you time and money, transforming your daily grind to a flow of grace and ease. You will go from feeling scattered and stressed to excited and peaceful about what you do, knowing you have a system to follow with clear templates, handouts and an inner and outer team assisting you. And perhaps most of all, you will feel more connected and not so alone.

STEP 3 – Transmuting Energies and Issues Blocking Intuition

We utilize an emotional energy management system comprised of proven processes and techniques you can use to shift any emotional baggage that is blocking your intuition and preventing your success. These processes help raise your vibrational frequency so your energy output increases.

Also included is a powerful three-part energy process that will balance your energy to more easily connect with your intuition: 1) understand what is blocking your success, 2) learn the important lesson from the issue, and 3) transform the emotions and energy surrounding this issue to rewire your internal energy map from negative and closed, to positive and open. This process will release multi-generational patterns when necessary, facilitating deep soul-level healing and transformation.

This process is crucial, as it is important to have an open energy body to function optimally in your business and develop your intuitive skills.

Clients find it’s a relief to have clear processes to deal with and release negative emotions, energies, and issues such as procrastinating doing business tasks. Thus, you will accomplish more, feel lighter, breathe easier, and sleep better.

The purpose of this class is to transmute fear, worry, and stress into peace, excitement, love, gratitude and JOY as often as possible, keeping in mind that the Law of Attraction is always working.

STEP 4 – Raising Your Prosperity Consciousness

Through the years I’ve trained in and taught many of the 45 healing modalities I use and have spent countless hours and money in learning them. What I have brought together is the best of the best proven methods to transform and release lower level energies, thoughts, behaviors, addictions, traumatic events, repetitive negative thinking, past life issues as well as lower level energies from other times that really prevent people from being successful.

I have learned how to combine, customize, integrate and individualize these methods so they have the greatest effect for each person. That is how I’ve put together an Emotional Energy Management System I use that will give the fastest results and heal issues on a cellular level.

  • Explore your conscious and unconscious issues preventing your business or career success.
  • Release major conflicts in your way (i.e. “I want to be successful but I’m afraid my family won’t love me then.”)
  • Transform fears that block your intuition (Any negative emotion can block intuition.)
  • Recognize what secondary gains may be sabotaging your success. (i.e. “If I’m not okay financially, my family helps me out. Then I know they love me.”)
  • Learn Energy Body Scanning so you know what is in your way and needs releasing. This will serve you in shifting any emotions or energy the rest of your life as well as assist you to communicate with your Business Council and Intuition Guide.

The purpose of this step is to transmute fear, worry, and stress into peace, excitement, love, gratitude and JOY as often as possible, keeping in mind that the Law of Attraction is always working. Thus, you will accomplish more, feel lighter, breathe easier, and sleep better.

STEP 5 – Intuitive Energy Tools

intuitionThis class focuses on how to receive and interpret messages from your body. The body tells us all the time when things are not in alignment or when we are not on our right path. Part of the process is learning to trust your own intuition and Spirit. You will learn invaluable tools like Energy Body Scanning, Energy Balancing and Dowsing – tools that will serve and empower you for the rest of your life.

Energy Body Scanning – You go inside your body and begin scanning from the feet up whatever you sense, see hear or feel — The emotions or any tensions. It is easier to relax when you know what is happening where in your body since you can focus breath, light and energy into any tense areas in your body (and later other people’s energy bodies.) This is part of the Body Knowing System you will learn.

Energy Balancing Technique Level 1 – Energy Balancing is a system to realign and re-attune the body’s electro-magnetic energy field. When your energy flows freely, body, mind and spirit are in balance and you are able to remain centered even in difficult business or life situations. You become a conduit for the Universal Life Force Energy to flow through you and your hands and create a balance within your body. This allows you to know where you need to do additional release work by breathing or using sound through the area of your body that is tense, tight, or just not feeling right. Health and wellness improve, energetic impurities are cleansed, chakra blockages are cleared and harmony of your energy body is reestablished. You may feel a sense of harmonic resonance, increased vitality and well-being, and even relief from pain, fatigue and stress.

Dowsing with a Pendulum for Business Intuition – Dowsing is a type of divination used to gain insight into a question or situation. By using a pendulum it opens you to the field of potential knowledge, information and impressions. You understand the power of your own mind. It gives you visual confirmation of your business intuition.

STEP 6 – Applying Energy Tools in Your Business

The focus is on using the tools you learned to sense clients, customers or even supervisors on a job and better understand where they are at so you can more effectively communicate with them. We will cover how to continually enhance your intuition practices so you become more adept at using your abilities in your business and as well as your daily life.

STEP 7 – Celebration and Next Steps

We cover how to determine your most appropriate next step or project in alignment with your purpose for your business.

We conclude with a celebratory heart-centered business activation to BEING a client or customer magnet and attract new business, vibrationally matched clients, income, and the perfect opportunities to you.

6 Support, Coaching and Healing Sessions with Helaine
These sessions will go from week 2 through week 8. You can ask any question about the processes we’re doing, business questions or anything on which you need greater clarity or healing and you wish to explore further. We are here to serve you and our goal is to assist you in the highest possible way.

Yes, Helaine! I’m Ready to Thrive


“Helaine has a direct connection to the universe. She has amazing insight and energy, which results in connecting deeper within yourself and the world around you. Her methods and techniques as a teacher/coach go beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The results last!”
~ Renee Shatanoff


“This experience was beneficial. I found out a lot about myself being visual and kinesthetic and how to work with that. It was helpful to find out that I can actually question my guides and ask them what to do that seems appropriate to me. Thank you, Helaine, for all your help and helpful suggestions.”
~ Nancy Tinajero-Guerrero


“Helaine’s classes are excellent and great for bringing up and letting go of lots of deep seated stuff. She really is a very intuitive facilitator/instructor and her methods are very effective.”
~ Charles C.

Here is What You Will Receive When You Enroll in the Developing Your Business Intuition Program

What you get:

    • Eight live 90-Minute Group Sessions with Helaine Harris (Value $800)


    • Lifetime access to material in a password protected page in the Learning Center


    • MP3 recordings of each class (Value $280)


    • Six Support, Coaching & Healing 1-Hour Groups with Helaine (Value $600)


    • Develop Your Business Intuition 140-Page Digital Manual (Value $600) – Includes Simple Handouts, Templates, Proven Intuition Processes and Exercises. Easy access to integrated processes from scientifically-proven disciplines and have put them together for you. I took the best of EFT, Hypnosis, NLP, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, energy healing and Intuition Tools and synthesized what I believe works best from my 33 years of experience.


  • After the course is over, you will receive an Easy Reference Packet so you can have a effective integrated processes and easily go back to what you are needing for you at the time. (Value $375)


    • Heaven & Earth Meditation (Value $37) – We will use various forms of this mediation throughout the program. Being grounded helps you communicate more effectively with your Intuition, Inner Guides and Spirit. You think more clearly and feel more stable. It gives you a grounding pole into the earth, making opening to spiritual energy easier. I still use this meditation regularly for myself.


  • The Feminine Warrior Manual PDF and MP3 (Value $87) – The Feminine Warrior energy is about bringing together the right-brain feminine energy of dreaming your vision with love, harmony, cooperation and spiritual connection with the left-brain masculine energy of practicality, logic and the organization necessary to manifest your business into a successful financial reality. It balances love and power. Feminine power is that force which allows us to override fear so that we may take risks, expand consciousness, and create the possibility for change in our lives.
    Total Value of Program – $2779
    Bonuses for the 1st 10 people

      • E-Coaching with Helaine for 2 months (Value $800) – Here you get personal assistance in any area you need regarding your business and intuition. It can be about the concepts, areas of confusion or difficulty, where you want clarification, and how to use the processes in your business. One client realized she was sabotaging her business success because when she made more money, she would give it to her family. So “Why bother?” We helped her speak to her family and tell them what she needed. Then her income increased.


    • 1-Hour of Private Phone Coaching or Healing Session with Helaine (Value $500) – This helps you prioritize projects and task, release blocks and apply what you learn in class to your business.
    • Coaching Session – A coaching session will cover a specific business challenge you are wanting extra support on for accomplishing your goals. We might cover how to apply what you learn in the program to your business for achieving your desired results, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years. Some areas we might cover are ways to attract your right clients, finding out your next action step or what project will bring in the greatest financial reward for you.
    • Healing Session – A healing session will cover emotional or mental challenges that you feel are holding you back from accomplishing your goals and taking action in your business. Some areas we might cover areas such as procrastination, self-confidence, believing you deserve abundance, staying focused when working or anything causing you stress or anxiety.

    Total Value of Bonuses for the first 10 people – $1300

    Special Extra Bonus For Payment in Full

      • 1-Hour of Private Phone Coaching or Healing Session with Helaine (Value $500) – This helps you prioritize projects and task, release blocks and apply what you learn in class to your business.


      • Coaching Session – A coaching session will cover a specific business challenge you are wanting extra support on for accomplishing your goals. We might cover how to apply what you learn in the program to your business for achieving your desired results, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years. Some areas we might cover are ways to attract your right clients, finding out your next action step or what project will bring in the greatest financial reward for you.


    • Healing Session – A healing session will cover emotional or mental challenges that you feel are holding you back from accomplishing your goals and taking action in your business. Some areas we might cover areas such as procrastination, self-confidence, believing you deserve abundance, staying focused when working or anything causing you stress or anxiety.

    If you are one of the 1st 10 to sign up plus pay in full, bonus value is $1800.

    Total value of everything is $4579

    Yes, Helaine! I’m Ready to Receive My Goodies





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    18 CEUs for California MFTs and LCSWs

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    If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 818-782-6869

    “What I gained – Experiencing an animated, experienced, open, creative therapist who is talented and humble.”
    ~ Judy Ingoldsby

    “It’s happening. The light at the end of the tunnel is not a myth. And I’m not dead going to the light either. I’m absolutely alive and kicking. I like the way Helaine teaches. She is so compassionate. . . And the way she knows what people need to hear and what they need to express or think about.”
    ~ Marcella A.


    “I was able to get in touch with my hidden fears, things I didn’t know about. Made me aware. I gained: a lot! An eye opener. Awareness. Understanding of my ways. Connecting the dots.”
    ~ Marek M.


    “Excellent techniques that are useful and deeply healing for me personally and for my clients.”
    ~ Sally Jordan Austin


    “Everything I hoped for; insight, knowledge, strength, focus, energy, & My power.”
    ~ Trudie Sommers


    “I can plan and follow up, stay centered, take care of “first things first” and direct myself towards positive changes and make my business grow!”

    “I have learned the key concepts on how to connect and partner more with Spirit and Inner Guides as well as significant tools to activate the kinds of things I want everyday! …I can plan and follow up, stay centered, take care of “first things first” and direct myself towards positive changes and make my business grow! I am now able to plan not only my day, but how I choose to live and work every day, and I choose to have joy and be of service!”

    ~ Liliana Atanasio, Certified Life Coach,

    “After that strategy session, my business exploded for the following 5 months.”“I thoroughly enjoyed my strategy session with Helaine. She is amazingly insightful and tuned in. I’ve experienced many channeling sessions and intuitive counseling sessions, both in person and distance, and my session with Helaine was among the best. After that strategy session my business exploded for the following 5 months, which was wonderful and appreciated. Helaine is delightful and helpful. Someone I turn to when I’m wanting a boost.”

    ~ Kerry Leigh, Actualize Your Health!,

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will I learn?
    You will learn how to use your gut feelings to create success through an easy and reliable systematic approach to increasing your business intuition.

    In doing so, you will experience how to increase your connection with inner guidance to take inspired action to unify and actualize your vision and life’s purpose through your business.

    How is this class different from other classes about accessing higher guidance?
    It is much easier to make changes in your life when led by mentors who have walked this road themselves. I not only have over 30 years experience as a transformational therapist, but I have also transformed my own life by using these processes on myself and thousands of clients.

    Can I really increase my business intuition in only 8 weeks?
    Although many people have put these tools into practice in that time period, that is not the real goal. The real focus is to teach you processes that you can use daily to be more open to intuition and inner guidance, and to magnetically attract prosperity, clients, business opportunities and the perfect job or career choice to you. The changes occur internally first. Then they manifest on the outer level. The timing is different for everyone, but trust that your expansion will unfold at a pace that is perfect for you.

    The deeper goal of this course is to open you to receive and to shift your energy vibration to a higher level so that you can act on, and trust, this guidance to develop your business intuition.

    Yes, I Want to Be One of the First 10 People!


    100% Risk-Free Guarantee


    GuaranteeI’m confident that when you do the Develop Your Business Intuition Program, you’re going to start transforming your Business and your Life. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you’ll be able to use the tools to increase your business opportunities and clients, while feeling more ease and flow. Just to back that up, I’m offering a no questions asked guarantee. If, before the 2nd class, you are not satisfied with the program you can request a full refund. 100%! No reason needed. Just call us at 818-782-6869. I am taking the risk so you don’t have to.

    What are my choices?

    You could do nothing and things will probably stay the same.

    Or you can try to learn to open your heart energy, connect with your inner guidance and Spirit, manage your energy, and release your deep-seated issues about increasing your business on your own to see what happens.

    But in these two scenarios… things probably will not change much, or they would have changed by now.
    In my experience, when you take direct action toward learning these skills and begin opening your heart energy, miracles start to happen. It is so much easier with someone who has been where you are and already developed and mastered these processes.

    So if this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up for this course right away so you can begin to experience the intuition, guidance, and magnetic attraction for increasing business that is already available for you… just waiting for you to open up your arms and let it in.

    Yes, Helaine! I Want to Develop My Business Intuition Now

    Healine Harris Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT License #MF15327, PCE #1397

    Intuitive Business Coach, Healer and Psychotherapist

    Helaine, empowers heart-centered spiritualpreneurs to transform their life and business so it reflects their authentic self and their values. Now she focuses on assisting clients to magnetize love, abundance and the right clients or job to them. Helaine is an intuitive business coach, healer, psychotherapist and founder of An Awakening Center, which blends over 45 traditional and alternative modalities to assist clients in fulfilling their life’s dream. Her award-winning book Are You in Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game is about the energy dynamics in relationships and how to create more fulfilling relationships, both at work and at home. With her 33 years experience and mastery of energy, Helaine has helped thousands of clients awaken their potential and manifest it in their daily lives.

    I am so looking forward to teaching you how to partner with your Intuition and Spirit to increase your business and abundance, while awakening the Real You! This is your time! Break Free of the old shackles to allow your gifts and message to emerge. Let your Spirit Soar!

    To Your Success, Love and Joyful Blessings,


    P.S. Remember, the three extra BONUSES WORTH $1300 or $1800 if paid in full are only available to the first 10 people who register! This includes 1 hour of personal coaching with Helaine.

    Yes, Helaine! I Want to Be One of the First 10!

    P.P.S. If you are interested and resonate with this Develop Your Business Intuition Online Program, but something is holding you back, then apply for a free 30-minute Breakthrough Session. I only have space for 5 people for this one, so act now to secure your spot. Email Helaine at [email protected] for this Breakthrough Session.