Calling all Heart-Centered entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in people’s lives, but who are struggling with selling their services and products because they don’t like being “salsey.”


The Keys to a Powerful, Profitable Heart-Centered
Business are FINALLY Yours. Watch Your Success Grow
FAST When You Discover the Secrets to Transforming
Your Conversations into New Paying Clients!




  • Are having trouble explaining what you do during sales
  • Are tired of struggling to attract your ideal clients
  • Don’t think people will pay what you deserve
  • Need help figuring out how to get more people to say “Yes”

Then It’s Time to Discover the Simple Steps to Having Powerful
Conversations with Potential Clients so They Can’t Help But Say
Yes to Signing Up for Your Programs!

It breaks my heart to find that many really good holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs are unable to speak to their potential clients in a way that gets people excited to “say Yes!”

It is so important to remember you are being called on to give your services to the world, and you need an abundant income to do so. So many people who I speak to feel this inner calling…this drive…to blaze their own trails, to shine their light and help reshape our world.

It’s All About Learning How to Connect and Serve

Because of the economic crisis we were in a few years back, my income went way down to 50% in a few months! Downright terrifying! Plus, most of my retirement income was gone when I lost a property in that real estate crash.

I just knew I couldn’t give in to all that terror and fear, even though that is what I felt.

When you’re in fear, you can’t really connect and serve your ideal clients. I had to change this fast or go down even more financially.

Believe me, I know what Money Anxiety Disorder (MAD) feels like and it does make you real mad. Yes, it’s been so prevalent, that there is now a disorder named for it.

I knew I wasn’t the only one spinning my wheels because nothing seems to be working to bring in the needed income the way it did before. Many therapists, healers and holistic providers I spoke to were going through the very same thing.

That didn’t actually help me feel any better. I just didn’t feel so alone in the muck.

It got so down right frightening to see whatever savings I had being drained out of my account because I needed to live on that money! Forget retirement!

So that’s when I do what I do best when things aren’t working for me. I went inside and released all those emotions, beliefs, fears, old behavior patterns, anything in my way of knowing I will bring in more money and live well.


I did the inner work – but I still had to learn new business strategies and tools!

Fortunately, I had a great coach. I learned how to put what I do into a system so it is easy to explain to potential clients who are interested in my work.

What was most significant for me was learning how to speak to these potential clients so they would feel inspired to sign up for my services. It’s all about establishing rapport so people feel heard, validated and understood.

Learning a new way to do things is so much harder for someone who has been in business over 35 years and who is a grandmother of 60+ years old!

In other words, if I can do, it, so can you!

I was really struggling with sales conversion and talking to people even though I’m great at what I do. I started working with a coach and she really helped me. I was able to have success with the people I spoke to and I really became a master at sales conversations. I became so good at it, that my coach eventually asked me to be on her team as a coach on her sales team.

I learned how to have conversations that
convert 50-75% of the time with potential clients…and now I want
to share this formula with you!


Sales, Systems & Success
Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs


I want to tell you all about my program, but first I want to tell you a recent experience I had working with an amazing group of holistic practitioners. They were amazing, yet they weren’t making enough money to even pay their bills (unfortunately, it’s pretty common and we’ve all been there and you may be there right now).

Their old sabotaging issues showed up:

What do I tell them if they can’t afford to pay my fees?
What if they pay for my services, and they can’t pay their bills?
What happens if I don’t know enough?
What if they’re not happy with my services?
What if there aren’t many people where I live who want my services?
What if I don’t really know how to do all that techie stuff online?
What do I do if I don’t want to do all that techie stuff?

These conscious and unconscious issues sabotage those very important conversations you have with people. If you feel like any of the above statements are true, guess what happens?

You probably give away your services for practically nothing and you can’t make a decent living. Then you feel frustrated, drained and poor! Your inspiration goes out the window.

And you may even consider getting a job.

The truth is, if you don’t feel confident when talking to
your ideal clients, they can sense it and
they will say, “No.”

One of my gifts is being trained as a shamanic healer with over 45 healing modalities. I’ve spent tons of hours and money learning them. I have brought together the best of the best proven methods to transform lower level energies, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, negative repetitive patterns, from this life and past lives that prevent people being successful.

We will do the necessary healing work so you feel confident recognizing your true value and do the inner work, so you are confident charging what your services are worth to your potential clients.

I know you have lots of experience, a big loving heart
and tons of gifts to share.


The secret is using heart-centered conversations with your connection to Spirit for your potential client’s highest good. You raise your rates in increments, a little at a time, in a way that feels comfortable to you.

Then you learn how to ask those valuable questions that magically turn the “I can’t afford it” into “I’m so excited to get started.”

Imagine if…

…you are so comfortable talking to prospective clients because you have your system down so it’s easy and exciting to talk about what you do
…you talked to 10 people and 50% of them said, “Yes, I want to work with you. Here’s my credit card!”

…you don’t have to worry about paying your bills each month because you know how much is coming in and it is more than enough!

…you know how to build your list easily with aligned people at little or no cost even know what to do to bring in money when you’re sleeping, and that is already in progress! have some new joint venture partners and it feels so wonderful to collaborate and make more money doing it!

…you find this new energy has increased your creativity and you come up with even more wonderful projects and ideas for your business

…you even have time for massages, acupuncture and all those wonderful things to take really good care of you

…you feel relaxed, calm, peace of mind and secure about your financial situation

This and more can be yours when you implement the simple system in my program. It worked for me and countless other entrepreneurs and I know it can work for you too.

Here is the 90-Minute Training Call for you to listen to “Why Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Have Problems Selling Clients their Services, Programs and Products & Exactly What to Do Instead!”.
Download it here now!


Sales, Systems & Success Guides You through the Most Crucial Steps to Grow Your Heart-Centered Business into a Profitable One. And Our 5 LIVE Modules Can Have You Earning More as You Go!

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction and Foundation

  • We begin with a business assessment so we know where you are starting from in each of the modules we will cover. Then it is easier to ascertain what materials will be helpful to you. We cover the basic foundation that this program is based upon.
  • You will experience a group activation to easily connect to spirit, your Inner Guides and your Intuition and to enable you to easily, comfortably and confidently learn new business methods to increase revenue. This creates the energetic foundation for magnetizing your vibrationally matched clients in the following sessions.

Module 2 – Identify Your System For Your Services Or Products

  • We use processes and templates to help you identify your system of healing, health services, relationship coaching, psychotherapy, etc. This enables your potential clients to easily understand what you have to offer. The result is that more people will want to know more about what you do.
  • Once you have clarity about your system, it is easier to focus on who your ideal clients are.

Module 3 – Ideal Clients and Their Challenges

  • Explore the primary challenges and issues of your vibrationally matched clients so you know exactly how your solutions can be an answer to their prayers. We use a formula and templates to assist you in creating or refining your system. Once you delineated who are your vibrationally matched clients, it is easier to write copy or speak to them so they feel understood and heard.
  • Then you can focus on putting your system into the language that easily flows as you speak to prospective clients. This creates better rapport because your potential clients feel you actually understand their needs and challenges. So naturally, they’re excited to work with you or purchase your products.


Module 4 – Heart-Centered Conversion Conversation Guide

  • Learn a powerful Heart-Centered Converting Conversation Guide formula and how to use it effectively. You will receive a template that you can easily plug your system into. You will get to practice how to use the formula. Once you are effective with the formula, you will be able to raise your conversion rates to 50%-75% when you speak to potential clients.
  • We will cover pricing and what you need to consider when creating your pricing structure. This is important so that you don’t undercharge or overcharge for your services and feel drained by your work. You will draw in more vibrationally matched clients that feel really good when you’re working with them.
  • We will cover having your different options for your people. Even when selling products, you want items at different price points. This allows you to appeal to a wider audience of your target market. If you have it priced right, you will make more and feel much better about what you do. You’ll be much more energized.

Module 5 – List Building and Joint Venture Strategies

  • We cover list building strategies. Since having clients sign up for your programs and products is about numbers, it is essential to have a large enough list. Consequently, it is very important to keep building that list, so you are continually bringing in new people to speak to, market to and to serve. The result is having more clients to do your wonderful work or sell products to with now and in the future.
  • Using joint venture partnerships, sometimes called affiliates, is necessary to really increase your revenue. These strategies will increase your email and mailing list considerably. Then you have additional potential clients to speak to about your services, programs and products, which naturally creates increased revenue.

Group Healing Calls twice a month for dealing with releasing any lower level energies and issues that arise as well as raising your vibrational frequency where needed. These will assist you with your emotional energy management so you can be calm, confident and excited as you learn new business tools and practices. This helps you maintain a positive energetic state of consciousness. Energy is contagious and we want you in the highest possible state when you talk to potential clients or do your special work.

All course materials will be available on a private password protected page in a Learning Center that will remain accessible to you indefinitely, even once you have finished the course. (Please email me to set up your 3 months of E-Coaching if you have received this option.)

You will receive information, handouts and templates on all the strategies and techniques we cover in each module. Then you have them to go over on your own again and again. This cements you learning at a deeper level whatever we cover. This is what enables you to effectively use what we cover in each session.

We will do coaching from the second class on so you really get the help you need in any area. The classes are interactive so you can ask questions as well. You will also practice with another participant when appropriate to become more effective at using new skills.


Here’s What You Get in the Business Building Program

What you get:

  • Twelve live 90-Minute Group Sessions with Helaine Harris (Value $1200)
  • Six 1-Hour Healing Group Sessions with Helaine (Value $600)
  • Lifetime access to material in a password protected page in the Learning Center
  • MP3 recordings of each session (Value $360)
  • Business Building Material and Healing Processes in a Digital Manual (Value $800) – Includes Simple Handouts, Templates, Proven Healing Processes and Exercises to assist in developing your business building abilities.
  • Easy Reference Packet after the course is over so you have the processes to go back to for your easy reference (Value $500)

You’ll also receive the following bonuses:

  • Morning Meditation (Value $37) – This sets the energy for you to focus each day on what would really serves you in your business: accomplishing projects with ease and flow, magnetizing wonderful opportunities, and increasing revenue.
  • Heaven & Earth Meditation (Value $37) – We use various forms of this meditation throughout the program. Being grounded helps you communicate more effectively with your Intuition, Inner guides and Spirit. You think more clearly and feel more stable. It gives you a grounding pole into the earth, making opening to spiritual energy easier. Helaine still uses this meditation regularly.


Sales, Systems & Success
Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

12-Session Program Begins
Apr 16, 23, 30,
May 14, 21,
June 4, 11,18, 25
July 9, 23, 30

Healing Sessions
April 24,
May 7, 22,
June 5, 26,
July 10

24 CEUs Available


Yours for Only
(After 3/26/14 $1297)



Pay in full $797
(Best Deal – Save $500!)
($1,297 after 3/26)



2 pay $457
(2 pay $737 after 3/26)



3 pay $317
(3 pay $517 after 3/26)



Plus, the first 11 people to register will receive the following additional bonuses:

I like to reward those who are decisive and know what they want.

  • E-Coaching with Helaine for 3 months (Value $1200) – You get personal assistance in any area you need regarding anything affecting your business.
  • 1-Hour of Private Phone Coaching or Healing Session with Helaine (Value $500) – This helps you prioritize projects and task, release blocks and apply what you learn in class to your business.

Coaching Session – A coaching session will cover a specific business challenge you are wanting extra support on for accomplishing your goals. We might cover how to apply what you learn in the program to your business for achieving your desired results. Some areas we might cover are assisting you in creating your system, finding out your next action step on a project or what project will bring in the greatest financial reward for you.

Healing Session – A healing session will cover emotional or mental challenges that you feel are holding you back from accomplishing your goals and taking action in your business. Some areas we might cover are procrastination, self-confidence, believing you deserve abundance, staying focused when working or anything causing you stress or anxiety.

Total Value of Bonuses for the first 11 people – $1,700

Special Extra Bonus For Payment in Full

  • 1-Hour of Private Phone Coaching or Healing Session with Helaine (Value $500) – This helps you prioritize projects and task, release blocks and apply what you learn in class to your business.

If you pay in full AND you’re one of the first 11 people,
your Bonuses = $2200
Total value of everything is then $5234

Yes, Helaine! I’m Ready to Receive My Goodies

24 CEUs for California MFTs and LCSWs

This program is worth 24 CEUs. Simply select the yes option below the product in the shopping cart to add the $15 processing fee for CEUs for California MFTs and LCSWs.

If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 818-782-6869.



100% Risk-Free Guarantee

activa4I’m confident that when you do the Business Building Level 2 of the Develop Your Business Intuition Program, you’re going to start transforming your Business and your Life. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you’ll be able to use the tools to increase your business opportunities and vibrationally matched clients, while feeling more ease and flow.

Just to back that up, I’m offering a no questions asked guarantee. If, before the 2nd class, you are not satisfied with the program you can request a full refund. 100%! No reason needed. Just call us at 818-782-6869. I am taking the risk so you don’t have to.



What are my choices?

You could do nothing and things will probably remain the same.

Or you can try to learn to systemize what you do on your own, connect with your ideal clients the way you already have been doing, have the conversations with prospective clients the same way and see what happens.

But in these two scenarios… things probably will not change much, or they would have changed by now.

In my experience, when you take direct action toward learning these new strategies and skills and begin by connecting to Source energy for every part of your business, miracles start to happen. It is so much easier with someone who has been where you are and already developed and mastered these techniques.

So if this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up for this course right away so you can begin to experience how to gracefully speak to your ideal clients and to create that magnetic attraction so more of them know you’re an answer to their prayers. This is already available for you… just waiting for you to open up your arms and say “YES!”


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

You will learn how to create a system from your services or products so your people feel you understand their problems and have solutions for them. Then it’s easy to use our template on Heart-Centered Converting Conversation Guide so your people are excited to work with you or buy your products; you feel really elated in having these dialogues. Finally, you will learn List Building and Joint Venture strategies so you have more people to share your services and products with now.

How is this class different from other classes about Business Building?

It is much easier to make changes in your life when led by mentors who have walked this road themselves. I know what it is to hit rock bottom financially and then create a lucrative holistic business I love. You will experience these systems while being connected to Source energy and your Soul as well as your intuition. When these all come together, that’s when Magic happens!

Can I really increase my business and my ideal clients in only 12 weeks?

Although it is different for each person, this is really giving you tools you will use in an on-going way. Our real focus is to teach you strategies and tools that you can use regularly to increase your clients whenever you want and to the degree you desire. This takes the training of magnetic attraction to another whole level.

Much of your success does depend upon your motivation and drive to succeed, the time you commit to effectively focus on your business and the degree you use the tools to let go of any issues preventing your success. The timing is different for everyone, but trust that your business expansion will unfold at a pace that is perfect for you.

Yes, I Want to Be One of the First 11 People!


helaine1Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT License #MF15327, PCE #1397
Intuitive Business Coach, Healer and Psychotherapist

Helaine empowers heart-centered spiritualpreneurs to transform their life and business so it reflects their authentic self and their values. She focuses on assisting clients to magnetize love, abundance and the right clients or job to them while connecting to Spirit. Helaine is the founder of An Awakening Center™, which blends over 45 traditional and alternative modalities to assist clients in fulfilling their life’s purpose and vision. Her award-winning book Are You in Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game is about the energy dynamics in relationships and how to create more fulfilling relationships, both at work and at home. With her 34 years experience and mastery of energy, Helaine has helped thousands of clients release sabotaging issues, awaken their potential and manifest it in their daily lives, both at work and at home.


I am so looking forward to teaching you these business building strategies and tools so you have all the clients you want, whenever you want. This is part of living your life’s purpose, bringing out your gifts and message to the world, while using magnetic attraction to manifest your vision in your life.

You will partner with your Intuition and Spirit to increase your business and abundance, while awakening the Authentic You! This is your time! Break Free of the old shackles to allow your gifts and message to emerge.

Let your Spirit Soar with your Business!

To Your Magnificence, Love and Joyful Blessings,


P.S. Remember, the three extra BONUSES WORTH $1700 or $2200 if paid in full are only available to the first 11 people who register! This includes 1 hour of personal coaching with Helaine.

Yes, Helaine! I Want to Be One of the First 11!

P.P.S. If you are interested and resonate with this Business Building Part 2 of the Develop Your Business Intuition Online Program, but something is holding you back, then apply for a free 45-minute Breakthrough Session. I only have space for 5 people for this one, so act now to secure your spot.


Liliana“I can plan and follow up, stay centered, take care of “first things first” and direct myself towards positive changes and make my business grow!”

I have learned the key concepts on how to connect and partner more with Spirit and Inner Guides as well as significant tools to activate the kinds of things I want everyday! …I can plan and follow up, stay centered, take care of “first things first” and direct myself towards positive changes and make my business grow! I am now able to plan not only my day, but how I choose to live and work every day, and I choose to have joy and be of service!

Helaine, you go above and beyond your call of duty.

You are my role model! You really are, I never said; such person is my role model. I have people that I admire very much, but you are it!”

Liliana Atanasio
Certified Life Coach


(I gained) insight to myself and what I can give to clients.

Marilyn Archer


kerry“After that strategy session, my business exploded for the following 5 months.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my strategy session with Helaine. She is amazingly insightful and tuned in. I’ve experienced many channeling sessions and intuitive counseling sessions, both in person and distance, and my session with Helaine was among the best. After that strategy session my business exploded for the following 5 months, which was wonderful and appreciated. Helaine is delightful and helpful. Someone I turn to when I’m wanting a boost.”

Kerry Leigh, Actualize Your Health!
Kerry Leigh


Toni“She skillfully weaves together just the right healing tools and business tools for rapid results.”

“Helaine quickly tunes into the heart of the person and the heart of the matter. With sensitivity and wisdom, she skillfully weaves together just the right healing tools and business tools for rapid results. I feel seen, heard, and understood as obstacles release and I feel empowered. Helaine is a treasure who shines a bright, guiding light on any situation.”

Toni Crotty, MA, CAMT, CRTh


“I tripled my income!”

In a three-month period of time working with Helaine, I tripled my income. I didn’t think it could be done. All I had to do was make two important changes.

Robert Dittmouth


“I felt a great release of anger I had been holding ontofor many years.”

… I felt that I was getting much more on a personal basis to open myself for whatever the future holds for me. Through the activities we experienced, I felt a great release of anger I had been holding onto for many years.

Sandra Cherry, PFP


You will enjoy and greatly benefit from the prosperity seminar

You will enjoy and greatly benefit from the prosperity seminar. This will teach you the energetic foundations behind prosperity, and from different dimensions. In fact, it teaches the energetic underpinnings of life.

You will learn how … to rid your energetic field of emotions that bother you – in fact may have bothered you most of your life.

Bob Rumph


“Helaine’s methods and techniques as a teacher/coach go beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The results last!”

Helaine has a direct connection to the universe. She has amazing insight and energy, which results in connecting deeper within yourself and the world around you. Her methods and techniques as a teacher/coach go beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The results last!

Renee Shatanoff